A reliable and flexible service

We strongly believe to remain competitive in today’s market, it is not enough to offer a good product, it is necessary to ensure a reliable, flexible and always ready post-selling service. Adriatica Commerciale Macchine is able to support its customers with a wide range of highly specialized services.

Our staff is also able to study with you customized solutions, suited to fit different requests with professionalism and competence The relationship that is built up with customers is based on transparency, clarity and cooperation. In fact we think they must be essential conditions to ensure that our suppliers are satisfied with our work.

Rely on an expert and punctual team

We guarantee the customer the efficiency and reliability of their vehicles

Spare parts

Keep in good condition your machine avoids costly repairs over time and it is definitely an investment. For this reason, our Parts Department is always available to provide support needed to enhance your machine and keep it at full efficency.

With a range of 36,000 items and spare parts available within 24 hours from your order, we can meet in a very short time the requests, in order to minimize the costs due to the machine downtime.

Moreover, the various exchange programs of pumps, hydraulic motors, combustion engines and transmissions are the result of a long collaboration with our suppliers, offering big advantages in costs profiles and in functionality of the machine.


At our branches located in Due Carrare (PD) and Santa Maria La Longa (UD) you will find our technicians ready to support you for choosing the optimal repairs to make your machine 100% efficient. Also equipped with all necessary equipment for the most demanding repairs.

Our vans move daily on a large area to offer support on a wide range of issues that may arise on your machines.The solution you need, where you need.

Assistenza Adriatica Commerciale Macchine
Assistenza Adriatica Commerciale Macchine