Nisula 155E


Weight 115 kg
Grapple opening 650 mm
Width 840/600 mm
Height 900/580 mm
Single cut 120-150 mm
Operating pressure 175-210 bar
Required oil flow 25+ l/m
Height in felling position 380 mm

155E is an updated model of the popular Nisula 150E. In the 155E, the shape of the gripper arms and blade have been improved to achieve better cutting efficiency. The color of the head is also new. The 155E’s adjustable lock makes it easy to adjust the tilt function at different pressure levels. 155E is a cost-effective choice for energy wood harvesting.

Two spike-shaped gripping arms ensure that all stems are cut by the knives.

During loading, the head also efficiently grabs and lifts the wooden bundles on piles of energy wood. Since the tip-shaped clamp arms do not grip stones or earth and the size of the bundles is suitable for most chippers, the 155E is also extremely suitable for feeding a chipper. Adapter kits available as accessories allow for easy replacement of almost any 155E lumber grapple. No separate control systems or additional hoses are required.

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